Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well I didn't fall off the wagon...

Cause I never got on it *blush*.

I woke up at one of the 10 feedings Ivy had last night and had a clog, a painful evil clog so I used today to rest and relax and take care of the clog and will just have to start tomorrow. If I started today then the yeast would end up flaring more and the clog wouldn't be able to pass. Yeast is such a finicky little thing!

In other news we are expecting up to a foot of snow by tomorrow. Which means in reality we will probably get about 4 inches. Should be a blast. I will have to get pictures of the kids in it tomorrow and post them up for everyone (well, whomever is reading my blog I suppose).

I am hoping someday Ivy will sleep again, the 6 month growth spurt + teething is killer. Someday I will sleep I am sure but at this point it is looking to be awhile I am afraid!

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