Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clogs, Free Stuff, and Snow

Yep, that was pretty much my day.

Got myself a killer clog this morning. Around noon I noticed that it was getting *Really* sore and I was getting the tell-tale headache body aches and chills that I get before an onset of mastitis. Ewwwww.

So I pop a tylenol and inform Ivy that she is getting no solids today in hopes that she would nurse more frequently and help pass the clog. So far so good but it is still really sore. I am going to do a really hot shower later and massage too. When I have a clog is probably the only time I ever *hope* Ivy will wake up several times at night to eat.

On another note, I had a bunch of free stuff up on CL today. Stuff that needs to go away. I got several responses of people that wanted it, several that I emailed back never emailed ME back to say they wanted it, then the ones that did, several didn't actually even show up to pick up FREE stuff. Good free stuff even. It is so fun when that happens.

And the snow storm, the one we were supposed to get 2-4 inches? We got 9 inches and now word is by Monday afternoon we will have another 9-13 inches. I am not a snow person, really I am in the wrong state but we are sorta stuck here for now, someday, someday.

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