Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How did they get their liscence?

No, seriously?!

Every time I drive I end up thinking this for one reason or another. Today it was on my way to and from class. On my way home from class I was following a car that was going 25mph down a 30mph road. Okay, whatever, annoying since the road was totally clear not raining or snowing or anything, but whatever. Then we get to the section of road that is 35 mph...they start going FIFTY mph, not joking, I was going 5 over the speed limit and they left me in the dust. Why is it that when you want the cops to be around they aren't?

On the way two and from class I found a whole mess of people that don't understand 4 way intersections. I am pretty sure no one in this city understands that if you get there first, you go first. To me not a very hard concept but apparently for many of these people it just hasn't sunken through yet.

The kicker? The best one of the night?

On the way to class I was behind a huge line of cars. We were going 35 mph. Yes it was dark but there was no snow, no rain, no ice, nothing, just dark. The speed limit on the road is 50 mph and traveled by most people at 55-60mph without a problem. I try and get a look at the offending vehicle, old school Volvo with Deadhead stickers on it...see where I am going? I bet you do.

So we get to the end of the road and I am in a different lane than the slow car and we end up at a stop light together. The guy pulls out a big FAT joint and lights it up. Now I am not going to bash anyone's recreational fun as long as they are adults and not endangering anyone else...but really, is it 100% needed to toke up in the car? I think not. No wonder he was driving so slowly.

Who knows what will be next! I am sure as the snow starts flying more regularly I will see all KINDS of fun stuff out there. I actually miss being downtown and being able to watch people try and drive up the big hills there, it always was very entertaining.

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