Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random thoughts of the day

We are watching Whale Wars right now (well when I started this post about 4 hours ago). The Captain of the ship wanted to send two people from the "save the whales" group to be taken "hostage" on the whaling ship. Then he got all SURPRISED when the whaling ship people were treating them badly. THEN they called the media and only told them half the story (that the people were being held hostage, not that they were SENT there on PURPOSE for that). The whole made me very angry. I greatly dislike when people only tell half truths to get what they want.

On a lighter note my son was confused by Ivy's doll the other night. He wanted to change her diaper so I got out the proper cloth diaper items for a doll smaller than a newborn and took off her "old diaper". Well imagine my surprise when Aaron grabs the diaperless doll and inspected her...and turned to me and said "Where's winky?"

We had our first talk about how Nora (Ivy's doll) doesn't have a winky because Nora is a girl. Isn't 2.5 too young to figure this stuff out?! I am not ready for the plethora of questions that come after this! And the inevitable talk that it isn't really a "winky". *Sigh* They grow so fast!

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