Friday, December 19, 2008


So we got more snow today. 2-4 predicted inches turned into 6-12 inches predicted with 7 already on the ground by about 8pm. Gotta love that. Latest word is another 6-12+ storm on Sunday, we will see how much we actually get.

Aaron also had quite the language explosion today. I was making Ivy her dinner in the kitchen and Aaron comes wandering in, looks at me, and as if he has been saying it forever says "Aaron is very hungry too". HAHA! Where on Earth did that come from?!

Tonight was also night 2 of teaching Ivy not to nurse to sleep and it went MUCH better. It took her an hour of rocking and swaying and such last night to get her to sleep. Tonight it only took 10-15 minutes. HUGE improvement. Plus she actually opened her mouth and was *excited* to get the bottle instead of just gnawing on it like last night. Once we get through the regular transition I am going to start sending Pete in to put her to bed once in awhile and see how she does.

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Jenny said...

I'm glad it went well with Ivy!!