Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay, here goes...

So I can't wait until the new year to do the yeast free thing. Blarg! My body is screaming at me to get rid of the yeast so I have to start it now. I am going to need some serious support. No fruit snacks, no twizzlers, no cookies (specially the evil, evil oreos), no juice, no smartwater, no ice cream...all those things I love to eat and snack on.

In the long run I will be better, I know. Plus it will likely help my wasteline too because heaven knows oreos are not good to it.

Things I *can* have are HERE. In addition to those things I am also adding those allowances I made before:

1. One cherry coke a day (42 grams of sugar)
2. One Kashi bar (35 grams of sugar)
3. One tsp of sugar in my morning coffee (4 grams of sugar)

It is going to be a really rough few weeks. I am going to be taking my 250mgs of GSE 3 times a day with probiotics in the AM.

Tomorrows meal plan:
Breakfast: Oatmeal + tea
Lunch: Quisadilla on corn tortillas
Snack: Kashi Bar
Dinner: Rice with spicey PB sauce
After dinner snack (if needed) handful of nuts

I am also going to try to get 60oz of water (in addition to the herbal tea) in me to keep everything flushing through.

Also, does *anyone* know of any yeast free/ wheat free crackers/ breads? I know, its a long shot, but being able to have a grilled cheese or a PB sandwhich for lunch would make the worldo of difference as well as having crackers I can snack on if I need to.

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Jenny said...

Hi Shannon! Here is a link to some wheat free crackers. I'm not sure if they sell them locally or not - I did a google search and they came up.