Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teaching to sleep

Tonight was night 1 of teaching the baby to go to sleep without nursing herself to sleep. I figured if I wanted her to be able to go to sleep for Pete by the time I go back to class on the 12th then I had better start now.

So I thawed a bag of mama milk, put it in the bottle and started the process. It took her a good 25 mins to decide to eat the bottle, once she figured out she wasn't going to get to nurse right then.

Once she had finished the bottle I swayed with her, and swayed with her, and swayed with getting the idea here? The whole process took about an hour to get her to sleep and then I had to come downstairs and pump.

Ideal? No, not at all but it sorta has to be done.

I am in high hopes that within a few days she will figure it out and not take so long to go to sleep.

She still gets to nurse overnight and during the day, just a bottle of mama milk at bedtime.

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