Sunday, December 7, 2008

Need to be held accountable!

Anyone up for the job?

I am prepping for this now. I need to rid my body of yeast and that means going 3 weeks on a very limited diet. I am planning on using this diet . It is a little more lax than some but I need it because I can't currently eat meat due to some adrenal insufficiency and I need to get my protein somehow. That diet allows for cheese/ milk in at least some quantities.

There are 3 things I am allowing myself a day though that go against the diet.

1. My daily coke. I need this in the afternoon if I intend on making it the rest of the day a sane person.

2. 1 Tsp of sugar in my herbal tea that I have in the afternoons/ evenings to help stave off the sugar craving.

3. 1 Kashi go Lean bar for protein, fiber, and to help with the sugar cravings as well.

Are these things the best ever to keep in my diet? Nope, they aren't that healthy at all, however they are more healthy than many of the alternatives that I would like to eat.

I am planning on starting this diet after Christmas because I simply can not forgo the yummy Christmas treats. Peanutbutter balls, and pies, and chocolate, and my personal favorite, candy canes!

One thing I really need to work on is my water intake. It always starts to fall off during the winter months as it gets cold and cold water no longer sounds appealing, yet another reason for the addition of tea, warm and liquid.

I plan on taking 250mgs of GSE 2 or 3 times a day as well as probiotics and my prenatals during this diet time. I need to also figure out what to treat the baby with. Maybe I will start a round of GV too at the start of all this. All of this together is likely to create a horrible flair with the yeast which will create a few rough days for me so I will need people to help keep me strong and help keep me away from the sweets when I want nothing more than a box of oreos, my true weakness.

What do you think? Are you up for the job of keeping me accountable for my actions? Could I do it on my own? Probably. Would it be easier with support? You betcha.

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Andi said...

I think I'm having a flare up of yeast today b/c I've cut down on sugar. My nips are on fire! Argh!

I hope your diet works. I think I'm going to try one too because I'm miserable.