Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is over


I admit, I have never been a huge Christmas fan. This year I was slightly more excited for the kids sake and Aaron totally got the idea of presents this year so it was nice to see him so excited.

I finally got Ivy some two piece PJs. One pieces don't work for her because either the torso section is too short or the legs are WAY too long and she ends up tangled. Silly child and her super long torso! So I used a pair of two piecers last night and it went much better. I am excited for that because the other options all looked so uncomfy. However finding two piece PJs wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, I ended up finding them at Carters outlet, $20 PJs for $4.79 each!

Last night we also figured out the best cloth diaper solution for Aaron overnight. Finally. I was getting so tired of spending $45 every 40 days for the kids diapers for overnight, doesn't sound like much but it is still really annoying. We used a BG AIO 3.0 (new) and stuffed it with a leobaby mightier nighty insert. It was SOAKED this morning but HE was dry and the diaper didn't leak at all. Very exciting.

I can't think of anything else even semi-important that happened...pretty boring in general around here!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

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