Monday, December 8, 2008

I need some AP support

So after a second rejection by a great AP support board I have given up. I know, they are busy etc and there are lots of people but I am a little sad. Lots of people I know are part of that group and they are a great help for me as I try and figure out how to parent my children gently without loosing my cool. With a 2.5 year old that has discovered "no" and a 6 month old that currently doesn't believe in sleep it can be hard!

Whats hard is there really isn't any support for that locally. I thought there would be given the area I live in but apparently not. I don't even know how to go about finding people that parent the way I want to. Now where the problem really lies is that I don't always manage to parent AP the way I would like so I feel like I would be a bad example for people new to the idea.

So far I haven't had to drag my child screaming out of anywhere but with how he is currently we might be getting close if I don't figure out what to do. I would read parenting books but with school work to read I don't have a lot of time for that I am afraid. I wish I did.

Does anyone know of any good AP groups that I could get in touch with? Whether it be other yahoo groups or whatever? It is just very hard to do this alone right now with a toddler that has suddenly decided he doesn't agree with anything Mama says and seems as though he wants to be as difficult as possible.

Oh and the 6 month appt for Ivy was a no go. The toddler had melted down about 5 times between 8am and 10am so I canceled the appointment and rescheduled it for later in December when I can have Pete or someone here to watch him so I can go with just her. He needed a nap far too much to skip nap to go to the Drs and possibly spend an hour there before the Dr even saw us.

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