Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trying to make changes

I am a junk food junky. I admit it, I know it, I have accepted it.

Lately I have been trying very hard to change that. It is not as easy to break those habits.

I love my oreos, my fritos, my coke.

We started with small things. Not keeping cookies in the house. Not buying chips. Then buying better alternatives.

I just ate some frosted mini-wheats for a snack instead of what would have been oreos less than 2 weeks ago.

I have gotten rid of the coke and replaced it with water or heavily watered down juice. I do still have an occasional vitamin water but no more coke. If I need a caffeine pick me up I will have some regular tea. Not nearly as much caffeien and not chuck full of empty calories as my beloved coke.

Other things we have done? I have stopped buying everything pre-made and started doing a meal plan for the week. This was a huge deal for me as quick and easy is just so much nicer with children running about and climbing stairs etc. I have learned the crockpot love and am still learning how to do actual meal plans but in addition to being healthier and not as loaded with preservatives, it also has save a *ton* on our grocery bills.

Do I still have an occasional treat? Of course! Do I feel the *need* to have sweets or salt every night? I suppose I still crave it a bit but not like I used to and I am pretty sure with a little more time it will get easier. I even went to the store earlier to get a couple small things and kept myself from buying potato chips and sprite.


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