Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am unsure what to title this as I expect it to be rather disjointed, so bare with me.

I have been thinking a lot about weaning Ivy at night. The problem is it sounds like a lot of work because she prefers to settle while nursing rather than just being loved/ cuddled. The problem with nursing at night? 1. Takes away my sleep (trivial really, my job as a mom is to give up some stuff for my kids) 2. Takes away *her* sleep 3. She BITES at night. Yes, bites, OUCH!

She bites because she isn't *really* hungry she just wants comfort but she is sleepy so instead of just comforting or eating she bites down, rather hard. Of course traditional advice is to say "No" firmly and put them down...well at 3am that would start *quite* the crying/ screaming issues that aren't the best idea with the toddler sleeping too.

So what do I do? Night wean and hope it goes well or not night wean and get bitten all the time???

On other news Aaron is allergic to his suedecloth on the BG diapers and he was out of nighttime sposies so I was left trying to figure out what on EARTH I was going to use for a diaper tonight. Luckily I was able to gather a few things and hopefully it works...we will see in the morning!

We are still in the house search as well. I am leaning one way with the house choice but the hard part now is waiting for Pete to talk to the bank. Getting the loan won't be a huge issue it is just a matter of waiting until he gets his payday so he can pay off the credit cards. I am not however, the most patient person in the world so waiting is not an easy thing for me. I want to pick out paint colors for rooms and pick themes for both the kids rooms and all that fun stuff...it would be so much more fun than sitting here waiting and waiting.

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Jenny said...

That's so hard...I remember when I decided to cut back on nursing Acadia. It's both a sad thing and a happy thing to stop nursing, all at once. Good luck with whatever you decide!