Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seasonal Issues

Yep, I am in the thick of seasonal affective disorder. For those not from the north the lack of sunlight in the winter can actually cause depression. I love it up here minus the SAD and the cold.

I keep giving thought to tanning once a week as that helped me in the past when I was having trouble but by the end of the day getting out to go tanning just isn't appealing at all even though I know it would help, it is also not cheap or good for the skin.

I have full spectrum lighting, doesn't really help much I am afraid.

Of course what doesn't help at all is that we have been cooped up so much. Were were sick most of the month of February plus Ivy still usually wants 2 naps a day but won't nap anywhere but her crib and she SCREAMS in the car and makes it near impossible to focus on driving when she screams so much.

I am a *huge* fan of extended rear-facing carseats with kids but I need to admit, I am giving thought to turning her shortly after her 1st birthday. Neither way is safe really as if she is rear facing she is screaming and I am unable to focus so we are more likely to get in an accident but if she is forward facing she is more likely to be injured if we *do* get into an accident.

So instead I end up stuck here at home. So now I am part hermit, though admittedly a slightly sad and lonely hermit. Which in turn aggravates the SAD more. Quite the circle really!

Anyway, I am looking forward to the start of spring because it means that at the very least I can go out in the yard and it means Ivy will be that much closer to one nap a day and *maybe* just *maybe* she will learn to handle the carseat.

Until then I just need to invite as many people over as possible and hope people visit us!


Jenny said...

I hear you!! Seriously - if it wasn't for my family living here, I would be down south somewhere. How could someone not get depressed with day after day of grey skies? I hate it!

Anonymous said...

I don't miss those long periods of grey-ness! Even on the days it rains here, the sun comes out at some point...I really think it has made a difference for me.