Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ahh and it begins

So I will admit this, I am scared of ghosts. I know many do not believe in ghosts but I do. I have said from the very beginning to the hubby that when the time comes, he is to take care of all the ghosts and monsters in the closet and under the bed as I would likely end up more scared than the kids...

Well today I was making dinner and I heard Aaron talking in the living room and asked him what he said he said "Say hi to Uncle Joe". I said uhhh we don't have an Uncle Joe...where is he? And he says back to me... "Uncle Joe is dead." uhhhhh WHAT? The child is 2.5 I have not told him what dead is etc...but he was talking about Uncle Joe in our living room and Uncle Joe is dead. I asked him more than once where Uncle Joe was.

He hasn't said anything yet but now I am a bit freaked out by the whole thing...blah. Mean child scaring his Mama.

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Jenny said...

OMG! That would scare me! I'm with you - I totally believe in ghosts