Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking about summer time...

Ahhh...sounds nice right?

I got a Lands End catalog in the mail the other day and was looking through it and realizing how nice it would be to have "grown up" clothes. Now that I am back to the correct size that I supposed to be (after gaining 40 @#$*# pounds during pregnancy) I think I might get a new batch of clothes for summer time.

Until now I have always shopped at Old Navy. Now, they are good "enough" I suppose but lately I have really noticed a lack of quality with them not limited to super thin shirts and with nursing that is almost obscene and holes in TWO pairs of my less-than-5-month-old jeans. I have also noticed that when I go look around in the store I find myself thinking (or saying) *Really?* People *wear* that? I dunno maybe I am just getting too old but some of that stuff is just horrible.

I found some cute t-shirts and pants through Lands End and I know they make good quality stuff because I have seen it and touched it etc.

The hardest part of my summer shopping? The bathing suit. I have always hated bathing suits but now I long for the days when I had no qualms about wearing a teenie bikini...bright orange at that. Now keep in mind, I know I am in decent "shape" in a purely shape-wise with clothes on...however I know what is *under* those clothes and its not pretty.

Between stretch marks and extra skin/pudge from pregnancy (my body seems to think it wasn't meant to gain 40 pounds in 9 months...twice over) its a bit scary to see and not something I care to flaunt at the beach.

So now I find myself looking for a tankini top and a swim skirt bottom, if you saw my thighs, which you won't (ever), you would understand why. Man does that make me feel "mom-ish". Sure you say, just take a cover up etc, not gonna happen. If I do that I simply won't swim because you won't catch me dead without that cover up on. Part of the point of going to the hot beach is to go swimming...thats more than 3/4 of the reason to go there.

Blah. I greatly dislike clothes. The only problem with the wardrobe change is that I need to go to the Sears locally and try them on and make sure I get the right size...after shopping at *only* ON for the last...oh...forever I guess, I have no idea what my actual size is in the real world.

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Jenny said...

Oh my gosh - I'm sure every mom would say "Amen!" to this post!!