Monday, February 2, 2009

Going Crazy

And not in the good way I am afraid.

We have been stuck inside for too long at a time I am afraid. Ivy sleeps from 10-11/11:30 everyday...Then lunch is at 12. After we finally manage to get lunch eaten it is at least 12:30 and afternoon nap for both kids is from 1-3ish (sometimes 2-4ish for the boy). So then its 3:30/4 by the time everyone is up and awake enough to not be grouchy...and then dinner is at 5:30 so I have to start it around 4:30ish.

Then dinner is done and its family time and then bed...

That leaves little to no window to leave the house and get out and such. I try to get Aaron outside as much as I can during her naps but its hard because I can't really leave sight of the house because of the sleeping baby and there is so much snow so that means we hang out in the driveway...not exactly thrilling.

Then of course we could have people over however now there are parts of a car in the living room so anyone that isn't just a crawler...not the best of idea. I have enough trouble keeping my own 2.5 year old away from it all. Hopefully at least the car parts leave the house soon.

I just keep hoping for spring so at the very least we can go to Airport Park even for the 30 or 45 min window we MIGHT get during the day...

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Jenny said...

Aww - that's tough! Vermont winters here are hard enough but add childen to the mix and it's even harder! It's hard to go anywhere esp. when they are on different nap schedules. Only two more months until spring!!