Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Social Stuff, and Sleep Deprivation

That's pretty much been my last 36 hours or so.

I have discovered that when the last two combine it can be all kinds of interesting. For me if I am sleep deprived and in a social setting it is almost like being drunk. I don't say what I mean to say and what I mean to say comes out totally wrong and when I think about it later I am left feeling like a dope. Of course there is no good way to apologize either because 1. I don't exactly remember what I said and 2. There is no good way to bring it up again.

Also last night, Ivy decided she was anti-sleep so I have been up since 3am. It is a very good thing that I don't have any social setting things tonight or I would be in even bigger trouble. Poor babe was running a 101.7 degree fever this morning :(

Today was also a snow day. Lots of snow, maybe 8-10 inches so far. Tomorrow I am taking the toddler out and throwing him in a snowbank so he can burn off some energy. Ideally the babe will be feeling better and she can come play too but otherwise I will have to take him out when she is napping. Also learned, yet again, that the red car is not so good in the snow as I could barely make it out of the driveway so that the plow guys could plow. That car is really rather worthless in the snow.

Anyway I am off to bed hoping for some sleep tonight. Between me having the stomach bug the other day and Ivy not sleeping I am just a mess. Night all!

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Jenny said...

Ok, it's really awful that you guys are all sick and you're really tired, but I just laughed my a$$ off at your first paragraph!!!

OMG - I said the dumbest thing last night, too! I don't know if you heard, but I'll have to fill you in the next time I see you. I felt like such an idiot.

Anyway, you are super cute and I doubt there is anything you could say to offend anyone - you're too nice!! I hope you get lots of rest. See you soon! xo