Friday, January 23, 2009

My children are just too sensitive

To sound that is.

I knew this for awhile. Aaron really dislikes when other children are crying. He gets all sad and pouty.

Today Ivy saw a little babe the same age as she is, however this babe has learned that its fun to shout like Aaron used to do. Ivy didn't like this, she didn't like that one bit. I find it slightly amusing though because she gets that little pout face before she cries and of course she recovers quickly.

The other fun thing that happens at home? Aaron will shout because he likes to shout, Ivy will start to cry because he shouted, then Aaron will start to cry because Ivy is crying, and she will cry even harder because Aaron started to cry instead of shout...and it downward spirals! There is really nothing one can do but try and console one of them and hope the other catches on, and laugh, because its laugh or cry, and adding more cry to the equation will not work well.

On another note, we are on day THREE of Aaron using the potty. He had a pull up for going out earlier and he didn't pee in it! He had a diaper for nap time, and I fully expect him to stay in those for nap for a little while but STILL! Pretty impressive and I am admitting that I am a little bit excited about the prospect of only *1* in diapers instead of two.

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