Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potty Learning and Beyond

So I wasn't really aware how fun it would be to try and teach a 2.5 year old about the potty while having a teething, grouchy, 8 month old (8 months old today!). I was trying round 2 of putting her down for her nap (round 1 failed, as did 2 and 3...) and I came downstairs to find a boy in wet pants and wet underpants but a potty with a bunch of pee in it, hehe. He tried *so* hard on his own but the pants foiled him. We are just going to put babylegs on him for the rest of today I think and see if that helps in case there is another time that I am unavailable and he needs to go. I do remind him every 30 or so minutes and ask him if he has to far so good. He is, admittedly, working towards a reward. I got him a stegosaurus sticker from the pedi office during Ivy's visit on Monday and if he can go in the potty until nap time (only 20 minutes or so away from now) he can have the sticker...right now its on the fridge.

I also have a teething, grouchy baby that I mentioned above. She has a fever too so it might be sick or it might be from vaccines or it might just be the teething. She also won't nap or sleep unless she is right next to me which means I have gotten little to no sleep lately, not the best ever.

What else important is going on? Ivy's appt Monday went okay. She is up to 18.5 pounds and 28.5 inches, tall and lean like her brother and father. They did end up messing up my shot schedule stuff though because Hib is no longer available on its own, only in combo with DTaP and Polio I had to get her the polio vaccine now instead of waiting like I had wanted. I had to because Hib is important to me...if they would just get the vaccine for DTaP, Hib, and Prevnar together like they have in Canada we would be all set...

Anyway, off to find myself lunch though I have no idea what I am going to eat...nothing sounds good.

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