Saturday, January 24, 2009

And its a Saturday

For once a decent mellow-ish one too.

Aaron is still doing great with the potty training. He has learned that he gets a diaper for nap and he seems to think that would be the easiest time to poop, at least I know when to expect it. I hear that's one of the things that takes the longest with boys anyhow and its totally not a huge deal, I am just super proud that he *likes* his underpants and prefers to pee in the potty.

I have also discovered that while 19 diapers is pushing on boarder line with two in diapers, 19 is far too many with just the one using them. She only goes through 4 a day plus her disposable at night so I can go 3 days without washing and still have almost enough for 2 days...

I am on the search for a good piece of ribbon and a neat thing to put at the top of it to make Ivy a holder for her hair clips. I got her some super cute ones from Etsy that work wonderfully on her baby hair and keeps her bangs out of her eyes.

On a nursing note, I am getting that "antsy" feeling I remember from about this stage with Aaron. That part of me that wants to go out and count how much frozen milk I have to know when I can start putting that in a cup for her to get her used to a cup and get her weaned, is coming out. Now I know I don't want to wean her. One reason is she is only 8 months old, she is going to at least 12 months, another reason is because I did miss it when I weaned Aaron. I mean, it was nice to not have to worry about the thrush anymore but I missed the cuddle time, as it turns out he isn't much of a cuddler anyway so that was really close time for us. I am sure we will keep going for awhile as I get the idea she likes nursing a lot more than he ever cared for it, for him it was just food, plain and simple, for her it is more about cuddle time and being comforted.

She however is also doing amazingly with solids. She barely touches any baby food and would much rather have some cooked up veggies or fresh apple to munch on. It amazes me how different the two kids are because Aaron would rather have eaten babyfood until he was about 18 months and had some pretty bad texture issues once we got to table food but she just chows down like she has been doing it forever and she has yet to actually pop a tooth through.

Oh and today was every mom of a toddlers dream, the 2.5 year old was *begging* for some of his sisters vegetables. I was feeding her carrots/green beans/ peas and he just kept saying "Vegetables please" over and over and as soon as I gave him some, he wanted more!

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Ben, Kara, Taylor and Hailey said...

Taylor is potty training yet too and thinks the one time a day I put her diaper on (nap) is the best time to go also. She hides when she has to go #2 otherwise, hopefully that doesn't last too much longer. Hailey loves table food over baby food all the time too, and Taylor was the really sensitive to it.. she gagged on everything when she was this age. It is amazing how different they are. Your kids are adorable by the way.