Monday, January 5, 2009

A little Reminiscing

So I was talking with a friend of mine about labor and birth and was brought back to the day I went into labor with my daughter. I was rather anxious about it because I had been wandering about halfway dilated for about 5 days and I was a little bit terrified that I would have a super fast labor like a certain friend of mine...

I was also a little nervous because my MILs birthday was the 2 days before my due date and my cousins birthday was the day I was due, as much as I enjoy the company of those two people I really wanted my girl to have her "own" birthday.

On the 20th we were supposed to all go to MILs birthday party at their house. It wasn't very far away, only like 15 minutes by car but I had been having mild contractions all day and while that was super normal for me at the end of pregnancy these felt a little different. I called my husband and told him that maybe I shouldn't drive myself and our son to the ILs house because I thought I might be in labor.

Of course being him he said "Pfffft you will be fine!"

So I drive there and was totally noticing the contractions. They didn't really hurt but there were for sure there and they weren't the normal braxton hicks I had been having. At one point during dinner I told MIL that they might be getting a call that night to watch our son. She had a similar reaction to my hubby and sort of blew it off.

Well, lo and behold, by 1:30 I have given up trying to sleep because the contractions were annoying me too much. Then by 3:30 I woke up my hubby and told him it was time to go. I don't remember his exact words other than "Are you sure? Nahhh can't be". Yes, I am sure, get your rear outta bed. I woke him a little earlier than I would have because I knew he would want to take a shower etc first.

When we woke our son up and started packing he stared at us while laying in bed wondering what on EARTH was going on. It was really pretty funny to see him try and figure out what we were doing in his room in the middle of the night.

Needless to say when we got to the hospital I was already at 7cm and I told hubby to go call the ILs to come pick up the boy. While we waited I hung out with him and cuddle him through contractions while the nurse looked at me like I was nuts sitting there so calm and fine at 7cm...she told me I acted as though I was at 2cm.

Long story short(er) my little girl was born about 12 hours after hubby said "Pffft you will be fine!".

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