Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dreary days etc

So the last week has been pretty rough with the weather. We got ONE warm sunny day. The rest of the days have been rainy and cold, example, today was 58 and July. While I realize I am in VT I am not really prepared for 20+ degrees below seasonal average....for a week +.

Oddly enough the kids have managed all right. They seem to be great at playing together most of the time and today I took out the duplos before lunch and they played together nicely for 45 minutes and only stopped because I had lunch ready and it was time to eat.

We also had an activity to do this afternoon as one of our friends brought Aaron over a birthday gift, a little crocodile that you put stickers on and glue together that is also a clock. Aaron was VERY excited to make the clock and did a great job with the stickers.

We are also trying to see if A can be a "big boy" at night now. I put him in a pull up and we talked about using the potty tonight etc etc and how if he keeps the pull up dry for 3 nights in a row he can wear underpants to bed and if he keeps his pull ups dry he can put a sticker on a calender in the AM. He seems VERY excited about it and I am crossing my fingers but the boy sleeps like a log so I am not sure he will wake up to pee or not...I always go in around 11 to give him water so I will ask him then if he has to pee...remind him what is going on etc.

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