Saturday, July 11, 2009

Things I never considered about being a mom

So these are things that I suppose at some level I knew but never really truly considered when it came to motherhood.

1. Everyday I have at least SOME bodily fluid on me that isn't my own, usually more than once.

2. Diapers would become higher on my priority list to wash than clothes.

3. Toys would become the centerpiece on my coffee table.

4. I would deal with tantrums everyday, and learn how to handle them effectively.

5. That a smile could come on my face at 3am when I am awaken by either child, only to find a grinning beast staring at me from their bed.

6. That "How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnight" would become the most read book in my house.

7. That every morning I would be greeted by two very happy little creatures that are just excited to see *me*.

8. That having two people depend on me 100% for everything could be such a rewarding experience.

9. How big little arms can feel when they give Bear hugs.

10. The simple enjoyment of sitting on the couch talking with two little people and cuddling.

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