Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bit of a "woman rant"

Now this is not against men really but its probably not something they will want to read either. Fair warning.

That disclaimer aside I am 99% sure men would die if they were women and had to deal with what we do on a monthly basis. First there is of course mid-cycle where a woman is fertile. Now, you would imagine, this would be a fun time right? Yea, not for everyone. Some of us lucky people get pretty tough pain in our abdomen, some of us also get really nauseous, and some of us get "other trouble" with our stomachs. Sounds like a blast right? I am confident my husband would be curled up in a ball if he dealt with that alone.

Then 10-14 days later comes the other fun part. Not even taking into account the actual event there are the mood swings, the cramps, again with the nausea. We get cranky and exhausted and mostly feel like laying in bed all day, but do we? Of course not. We all know the house would fall apart and the kids would end up playing with Windex or something. So we tough it out, we deal with it all the while knowing it all all start over again in the middle of the next cycle.

Of course, men also like to make light of the whole thing. Midcycle its not uncommon to hear someone laughing as the children bounce on my stomach, I can tell you, that does NOT feel good...much less funny. Every time it happens, I hope against hope that maybe someday he could have just a *slight* idea of what it feels like, even if it were only for a few moments.