Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quick update

Kids are growing and getting bigger. More and more fun to play with everyday. Ivy is growing into quite the little drama queen trying to get her brother in trouble when he is across the room and not doing anything "bad".

Aaron has really taken to holiday craft/ baking stuff. He loved the gingerbread house and making stained glass cookies with Pete, Ivy, and I.

I have finished fall semester with an A, A-, and B+. Next semester (starting January 18th) I am registered for 15 credits which may well be insane. When I was living on campus and with no kids I took 19 credits....now I am taking 15 with two kids home full time plus the cats and husband and house etc. Anyone that manages to find a way to actually visit me between now and May had better not expect a clean house or empty sink because it is likely housework will fall to the wayside.

I am almost done knitting my last Christmas present (for Ivy). I have to wrap them all up but getting there...hoping I can finish Ivy's hat tonight but we will see. I only have about 3" done on a like 10 inch hat but it will be super cute so its totally worth it and its mindless stockinette stitch so its super easy to do while watching TV etc.

To anyone that still reads my sad attempt at a blog, Merry Christmas!