Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three years ago

Three years ago I was anxiously awaiting your arrival. See the doctors told me when you were going to be born so I knew the next day I would have you in my arms. I was very nervous but very excited too.

You were my first babe and I had no idea what to expect which worked out well because you were just a baby and didn't know what to expect either, so we learned together.

After 12 hours of working to get you born, you joined your Dada and I in my arms. Honestly the first few moments after you were born are such a blur, even the day after I didn't remember a whole lot about those first few moments. What I do remember is looking at your fingers and thinking that there were too many of them, turns out they were just really long. Still are.

You were born with a full head of hair that you never lost.

My favorite moments from the last 3 years? Seeing you sleep so soundly on my chest, shared naps in the early days, watching you grow and learn so fast, finding you on top of the cathouse and wondering how on Earth you got there, your first birthday and watching you cover yourself in cupcake, watching you meet your sister for the first time, and the cuddles you give me now before bedtime.

I love that you have become such an expressive little boy and always have something to say. I love that you are so good at loving your sister, you Dada, and I.

Watching your imagination grow and seeing the amount that you learn is one of the most rewarding things a person could experience.

I love you my little boy. Happy 3rd Birthday.

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Jenny said...

Happy birthday Aaron!!!!!