Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Year Ago Today (to Ivy)

I will admit, I don't remember it all and I can't promise this is 100% correct, but as they say in the movies "I can't promise this is how it happened, but this is how I remember it"

I was sitting on the couch thinking (and trying not to hope) that it was time to have my little girl. I was sitting there trying not to time contractions as I had them for weeks and figured it was best to ignore them.

Around 11 I gave up and to try and sleep thinking I would wake up in the morning, again, with no baby.

Much to my surprise I gave up around 1:30am and came downstairs to try and kill more time and maybe time the contractions a bit more. Time passed and they kept coming so I hopped in the shower to try and mellow them out so I could get some sleep as I was still in serious denial that I was finally in real labor and going to meet my little girl.

After a few in the shower I realized it was time and went to wake up Dada, at that point it was about 3:00am.

I woke him up and said "Its time, you need to get up." He said "Time for what?!" I laughed and said "Time to have a baby!".

I called my midwife and told her what was going on. I have a very distinct memory of listening to her on the phone and the tone of voice she was using very obviously made it seem like she thought I wasn't really in labor, but she told me to come in anyway. Apparently I was too calm.

Dada and I woke up your brother, which was really funny because he just laid in his bed all confused and tired. Dada showered and got dressed and we got everyone in the car and headed off to the hospital. I was still feeling a little unsure that I was in labor as I wasn't in any real pain.

I got to the hospital and the midwife saw me and still was pretty sure I wasn't in labor, I was still too calm! Your brother was climbing all over me and the hospital room before Nana and Deepy Deepy came to get him. The midwife was pretty surprised to find me at about 7cm! We knew for sure you were coming! It was probably about 4:30am then when they took the monitors off and just let me do whatever it was I wanted to do.

Shortly after Nana and Deepy Deepy came to pick up your brother and I was still just relaxing and hanging out during contractions. I could still hear everything that was going on around me and the nurse joked that I looked like someone at 3cm instead of 7+. It made me feel really good, like I was doing a good job.

Shortly after that I got in the birthing tub to have some nice warm water around me and relax a bit more. It was wonderful. I was nervous I wasn't going to like it but it was heaven. They also asked me if I would be okay with a nursing student coming in and watching, apparently I was a rare sight ;). I agreed as long as if I wanted her gone for any reason she wouldn't be offended. I didn't feel like it was a likely thing to happen but I wanted to leave myself an "out" if I wanted.

I remember starting to get really sleepy between contractions. They still didn't hurt but it took a lot of energy to focus and just relax. From here I start to get really foggy. I remember being half asleep between contractions and listening to the midwife and the nurse and the student nurse and your Dada talk while I sat in the tub.

I was getting a little anxious as it was nearing 8am and I was ready to be done (which should have been my first clue it wouldn't be long!) and I asked the midwife to check again. She told me there was just a tiny bit left and if I sat on my left side that it would probably move away in a few contractions.

So I got down in the tub and moved to my left side and with the next contraction my water broke! From there it was very intense. I shouted that my water broke and the nurse run up with the monitor to check and make sure your heartbeat was still good and I *had* to push and with just a few short pushes you were born! My little girl was finally here, sitting on my chest!

You didn't pink up quite as quickly as they wanted so they brought you to the warmer and helped me get out of the tub...a lot easier than I thought it would be! They moved me to the bed to get me cleaned up and then brought you back over to me. You had pinked up great with a little bit of O2 and were happy to see me.

You started nursing almost right away and didn't want to give it up! I have a few pictures of you right after birth and they were all with you nursing! I was so glad to have gotten such a wonderful birth and thankful to you for being so good at being born, because I knew I didn't do it alone, you worked just as hard as I did.

We brought you home that evening. You were born at 8:02am and we were home by 8pm, and it felt like you had just always been there. You fit right in with your brother and Dada and I, even the cats welcomed you warmly.

I will admit, I was rather nervous about having a baby girl, I was only used to boys, but you have been such a wonderful and sweet addition to the family and I am so glad I had a little girl.

The last year has been amazing and has gone too fast, as all years do and your family and I are so glad to have you here to love and cuddle and laugh with. You have brought such a wonderful light into our lives. Your brother, Dada, and I love you so much my darling babe.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

More coming

I will update soon! Promise Its been busy around here lately with our move!