Friday, February 22, 2008


First post. Yay.

Little about me. Mom and student in the frozen north. 20 month old toddler and one babe on the way due in May. Going to school for paralegal studies, with no end in sight so it seems. Doing my best to keep the toddler happy and entertained when going outside all the time in the winter isn't an option.

I am what you would call an AP mom I guess. Nursed until 14 months, use slings and carriers, don't use CIO, delay vaccines as we see fit, usecloth diapers ...that sorta thing.

Young mom too. Oh the looks I get when I go to the mall or the store with my belly and toddler in tow...No I am not 16, I am actually 23 and happily engaged to my boyfriend of 6 years.

Anyway, thats a little about me. There is a whiney toddler misbehaving that I should attend to.