Friday, June 26, 2009

To go or not to go?

Today Pete tells me he is going to Boston next MONDAY next week. In 3 days.

He tells me I can go too and bring the kids. The hotel is in the middle of the business district and 2 miles from the aquarium. I would LOVE to see the aquarium.

Things that make me think about staying home?

1. Ivy hates the car. We would probably make it about an hour into the trip before she freaked out.

2. During the day it would be just me with both kids (ages 1 and 3) in the city.

3. The weather. If it is rainy and gross I don't want to be trapped in a hotel room with the kids

4. My stomach. Those of you that know me know I have a very touchy stomach and travel makes it worse. The idea of being stuck in Boston with two kids halfway to the park with an icky stomach is less than ideal.

5. Cats. They do sometimes need to be fed.

1 comment:

Sandy Alexander said...

The aquarium IS awesome! Aaron would love it.

I know it's a tough decision, whatever you decide will work out just perfectly!