Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And in a moment...

I am all grown up.

Did you ever have that "ah ha" moment when you suddenly realize you aren't a teen or a "young adult" anymore?

That hit me yesterday. In a single moment I realized that I have my two kids, my two cats, we are closing soon on a new house, and that I am going to be someones landlord. I am going to be in charge of finding us the correct tenant that will pay rent and take care of the house we are in now. I am going to have to handle the phone calls when something breaks and know how to get them fixed. I am going to have to be the one to send letters etc if rent isn't paid. Yikes!

I mean I have been a mom, a good mom, to both my kids for more than 3 years if you count the pregnancy with Aaron. And I have been a wife for about 8 months so neither of those are really that new, it just all suddenly hit at once I guess.

What is fun is in my group of friends I am the "young one" when most of the time I just feel so out of touch with other people my age group.

Anyway I digress.

So yes we now have a new house. We close on the 13th of next month and I have less than a month to pack up a 3 bedroom house with two adults and 2 kids worth of junk in it and move it to the new house. I am so excited to have some more space and a lot more area for storage but still! It will be a fun few weeks.

We have a calendar drawn up on our whiteboard and I have listed projects that need to be done between now and moving (packing up the bookshelves, the desk, extra stuff in the kids rooms, etc) so I can at least *try* to have some organization in this process.

I am excited for my new kitchen that I was drooling over from the moment I saw it.

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Jenny said...

Ummmmm...you may already know this, but I am SOOOO excited for you! LOL!! Have I said that enough yet? xo