Monday, March 9, 2009

I Remember Monday

Stealing a friends Monday theme idea I am afraid.

I remember meeting Pete. I remember thinking that the world would end because of how we ended up getting together. You see, I was dating his college roommate when I met him. I can't be sure this is how it actually happened but this is at least how I remember it.

I had been dating his roommate for about 3 weeks (maybe 4?) and we went to a gathering at the guy I was dating's house. A bunch of odd things happened that night but it ended with the guy I was dating telling me I should go out with Pete and see what happened.

Both Pete and I thought he was crazy. There was *nothing* between us. However knowing he wouldn't let it drop until then, we agreed and went out for a date June 1st, 2002. It was supposed to be the night of my Junior prom but I skipped it and went out with Pete instead. I honestly can't remember what we did on that first date other than drive around a lot. I have memory flashes of a just sitting hanging out in the old Jetta driving through a section of the interstate between Waterbury and Richmond. I remember the dates after that quite clearly though.

There was much drama over the next couple of months as friends divided and took "sides" as everyone realized that Pete and I had a good time on our date and I officially broke it off with his roommate.

Now here we are, almost 7 years later. We have a house and some cars and two beautiful children. Sometimes I go back and read the emails between us over that first summer and remember all the drama and how scary and odd it was at the time. Amazing how a few years changes the view on a situation!

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