Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sugar Countdown

I have needed to do this for awhile now. A long while. I am trying to kick the sugar. I am still eating carbs but I am trying to cut out most of the added sugars. I also can't have any "fake" or artificial sugars (stevia etc as well) because of unpleasant digestive side effects.

I am on day 3 now. I have a few problems with it though, mostly that I am not a big veggie fan. I routinely eat red peppers, sweet potato, potato, corn, and peas. I do have others on occasion but not that often. I admit it, I am flawed.

The first day I did this I hadn't planned on it so my sugar was still higher than I would have liked but I wasn't able to make it to the store etc.

I have been writing down everything I eat and the "sugar" part from the nutrition facts. I realize there are more carbs etc but I might eventually get to the point of chilling out on those but I am working slowly.

Day one (umprepared) was:

Coffee with creamer - 10 grams sugar
1 dark chocolate n oats granola bar (not a pack, just a bar) - 6 grams sugar
PB&J on Wheat - 22 grams of sugar
PB Pretzels - 2 grams sugar
Chocolate soymilk (I need soymilk for other reasons but will be switching to something unsweetened when the chocolate runs out) - 19 grams sugar
1 piece white sauce lasagna with spinach and whole wheat pasta - 3 grams sugar
1 mentos - no idea…maybe a gram??

Total added sugar intake: 63 grams

Day Two:

oatmeal 5 grams of sugar
Cashews 2 grams of sugar
Quisadilla 1 gram of sugar
granola bar 6 grams of sugar
fries 2 grams of sugar
veggie chicken nuggets 2 grams of sugar

Total added sugar intake: 18 grams

Day Three:

coffee - 6 grams of sugar
grilled cheese (on yeast free/ sugar free bread) 0 grams sugar
Potato chips - 0 grams sugar
hotdog on a roll - 5 grams sugar
corn on the cob - 0 grams sugar (I know its carbs, right now I am limiting added sugar)
1 small cookie (I made cookies because hubby was bugging me alllll day so I let myself have ONE) - 13 grams of sugar

Total added sugar intake: 24 grams

For me the biggest hurdle was the coke. I LOVE my coke in the afternoon. I have been having one everyday for at least 8 years now. It is a hard habit to break and of course I was addicted to the caffeine.

I replaced this with flavored seltzer (raspberry lime) with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

So far I have noticed some changes that I didn't expect. My mood seems to have stabilized a bit, which is amazing. My 4 year old is forever doing bad things, always bad things, and for a long time I would freak out and my BP would rise and I would have a horrible time keeping my calm.

I noticed even yesterday and moreso today that he is still doing all the same ridiculous things that he shouldn't do and I get annoyed...but I dont feel like strangling him because of it. You wouldn't think that sugar would cause such a difference, but it really does.

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Casey said...

Good for you! Because of my GTT results I'm also cutting way back on sugar. Let me know if you want a daily cheerleader. :) I agree with the unexpected benefits. I did this in November, and it was actually a great experience for me.