Thursday, October 22, 2009

First time Finger painting!

Now...let it be known...I don't handle messy things very well. Everyday mess, fine, animal mess, fine....un-needed mess...not so okay with. Today however I decided to try and step outside my bubble and let the kids try finger painting. Ivy was hesitant at first and only took *one* time of me telling her we don't eat the paint, we put it on the paper...which was impressive.

Here are some pics! They had a lot of fun!


Sandy Alexander said...

Seriously you're soo brave :-) That's why I send my kid to daycare, so he canfingerpaint and I don;t have to deal with the mess, haha! Looked like fun, though!

Kristen said...

Way to go Mom! Shaving cream is a good one because it cleans up a little easier than paint and my kids will usually sit for a good 30-50 minutes at a time to play with it. The same with Oobleck (corn starch and water). It just dries to a powder and is easily brushed off! It's fantastic and so intriguing that I always end up playing just as long as they do!